Low Costs

In order to keep costs low, FCP has no paid employees. It is parent-run. Therefore, all members do their part for the organization to run smoothly. Further, we have fun enjoyable fundraisers throughout the year that helps keep costs low. The funds raised go toward special things for the children such as a children’s entertainers during the year or more excitement at our Family Fun Day. 

Requirements of Membership 

There are many things that a parent can do to contribute to our purpose - to have an atmosphere in which both caretakers and children can socialize and learn in a cooperative setting. But the following three responsibilities are required by all members:

1) Attend Orientation Night in September. This is an opportunity to meet other parents in your class. And you will receive details about your responsibilities. 

2) Lead class. You will rotate teaching responsibilities with the other parents in your class. In other words, If there are 6 parents in your class, you will lead class only once every 6 weeks. You will have access to materials and pre-planned themes to make teaching simple. 

3) Assist the committee that you are assigned. All the parents/caregivers of FCP are required to volunteer throughout the year (3-5 hours total). When you register, you will be able to express which committee you would like to help with. Your committee chair will make it simple for you! This helps the organization run smoothly. The assistance you give helps FCP to be organized and fun!

Special Opportunity

Are you interested in being a little more involved and also receiving tuition discount?

There are class coordinator positions available at 25% discounted tuition. They are first come, first served after Class Rosters are sent out. There is one coordinator position per class. Priority is given to families who have attended FCP previously.

If Committee Chair or Board Positions become available, they will be posted here and on social media.

Email us to learn more about one of these opportunities: Click Here to Email Us

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